Investment strategy
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    East to West

    Almaty links the large and fast-growing markets of China and South East Asia to those of Russia and Europe. The New Silk Road - Western China-Western Europe highway will more than 4x reduce transportation time compared to traditional sea routes.

    Source: World Bank country snapshot
  • Almaty

    Almaty Links

    EAEU markets

    Enter 200 million consumer strong market at its top #1 location for ease of doing business and labor market efficiency.
    One market. Free movement of people, capital, goods & services. Limitless opportunities.

    Source: World bank “Ease of doing business” report 2017, WEF “Global competitiveness” report 2016-2017

City of thousand colors

True cosmopolitan city. A place for everyone. The place that you can truly make yours.

Thrills of nightlife

Almaty has myriads of restaurants, bars, artisanal cafes and nightclubs for any taste. Kazakh hospitality, and European techno mix well in this city.

Urban Sports

Run. Hike. Ski. Climb. Kayak. Snowboard. Bike. What we’re saying is — if you love sports, you’ll love Almaty.

Gorgeous mountaintops

Almaty is uniquely located right at the foothill of Ten Shian mountain range. Short 15 minute drive from city center gets you straight to world-class skiing resorts.

The up-and-coming art scene

Young booming artistic communities and neighborhoods can mix up daily routines with unique and one-of-a-kind experiences.